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Toyama-ken Ishikawa-ken Toyama Toyama

About Kai

Singaporean photographer based in Japan
Available for intimate engagement, weddings and couple portrait photography sessions
Speaks English, Chinese and Japanese

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Question And Answers

How will the photo session be like? Do you do a lot of posing?

In the photo sessions, I do some directive posing, such as asking the couple to stand or look in a certain way. I also allow the couples to interact freely, while I shoot candid images from a distance. If you prefer more candid moments, then I will recommend choosing a more causal wedding gown or causal outfits. These outfits allow more movement, without the photographer having to come in to adjust the gowns, interrupting couple interaction.

We want to shoot at a more unique place where other couples have never gone before. Are you open to that?

Absolutely! I’m always open to exploring new places with couples! However, please note that while I can help to assist in researching for locations online, I will not be able to do location scouting due to my schedule. For exploration of new locations, I always encourage couples to be flexible and keep an open mind!

We want to shoot at this really beautiful place. Do we need a permit?

There are many places that will require a permit, but the permit will have to be obtained by the client, not the photographer. If the clients require assistance checking, I will be glad to assist. If we try to shoot at a location without a required permit, we will run risk of being stopped or asked to leave. Please also note that Japanese temples and shrines frown upon photo shoots, particularly those in wedding outfits, on their grounds.

Can we choose our own locations?

Yes, most definitely! I highly encourage couples to choose their own locations to suit their style and interests. If you require advice, I can give suggestions, depending on whether I have experience in the city of photo shoot. If necessary, I can assist in researching for locations. Please note that I will only start researching or giving recommendation of locations after confirmation of booking.

How many locations can we cover in the photo session?

The number of locations you can cover depends on the number of photography hours, traveling time between locations, and number of outfit and styling changes. If it requires a long time to get to a location, naturally we will not be able to cover as many locations within your photography hours. I highly encourage couples to plan for a more relaxed and realistic schedule as opposed to rushing from one location to another. When you are relaxed and not feeling rushed, your expressions are usually more natural and beautiful.

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