Rainy Season After-Wedding Photo Shoot in Tokyo

2017-07-31 08:37:12

Though rainy season would be the last season couples would want their photos, Arisa and her partner Takashi decided otherwise! Thinking it would be the perfect time to have so much green in their photos, the couple decided to chance a rainy day season photo shoot. And though it rained on the day of the photo shoot, as expected, their photographer Noriaki Kakurai was able to capture cute and romantic photos.

A Fashionable Pre Wedding Photo Shoot around Tokyo Station

2017-08-28 05:52:16

For camera-shy Saki and her partner Ted, the idea of preparing a pre wedding photo shoot was the last thing on their minds while getting ready for their nuptials. But the couple decided to take pre wedding pictures to make use of their wedding attire, get used to being in front of the camera and have something to send to guests as invitations! For their pre wedding photo shoot, the couple was looking for natural but fashion magazine-esque photos. Picking Kazuki Takano as their photographer, here is their story with Famarry.

With a Touch of Humor

2017-06-05 03:02:58

Looking to get more interesting and unique photos for their pre wedding photo shoot, Yue and Kaleb requested Bump Design's Yusuke Asada. With a fun theme of farm life and rice paddies, the couple shares their photo shoot with us.

A Photoshoot Just for Two in Hawaii

2017-06-12 07:34:05

Newlyweds Rei and Dave were looking for a simple and affordable photo shoot package in Hawaii. The couple found photographer Kazuki Takano through Famarry and are sharing their experience with us here!

Spring Maternity Photo Shoot

2017-05-19 05:49:22

With a sudden change in their photo shoot plans, expecting parents Yuri and Kohei decided to arrange a maternity photo shoot. With the use of cute props and outfit changes, you can really feel the love and excitement this couple holds for their future child!

For a Couple That Doesn't Like Taking Photos, These Turned out Great!

2017-04-28 03:42:25

Claiming they don't like getting their photos taken, couple Chihiro and her partner Takeshi's photos would make you think otherwise! Having their pictures taken in scenic Kyoto, they worked with photographer Gentoku Katakura for their pre wedding photo shoot, this is their story.

Celebrating 40 Years: A Parent's Photo Shoot in Kamakura

2017-04-28 03:41:30

Pictures last forever and they're the gift that keeps on giving. Daughter Naomi wanted to give her parents a special photo shoot to commemorate the 40 wonderful years they have spent together.

Spectacular Starry Night Shoot in Hawaii

2017-04-28 03:45:07

Holding their wedding ceremony on the island paradise Oahu, Hawaii, this couple's biggest wish was to capture the starry night sky.

DIY DRESS? DIY Bride Ai's Pre Wedding Testimonial Story

2017-04-28 03:43:08

Ever thought of creating your own props for your wedding and photo shoot? How about your own dress?? We meet Ai and her partner, Masaki, for a fun, DIY-filled photo shoot in Kobe's Guggenheim house.

School Sweethearts Photo Shoot

2017-04-28 03:46:18

Standing together in the place where they once laughed, cried and shared many memories together, it's hard not to smile at Nozomi and Shunsuke's sweet pre wedding photo shoot.

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