What is pre wedding shoots?

Pre wedding photography is for couples to take beautiful photos before wedding.
Couples can have photo session in their favorite wedding gowns and locations.
Most Asian couples go out for pre wedding photoshoot for several hours to leave the best memory and share them with their family and friends.

Complete Guide to Wedding Photography

How much is the package in average?

It depends on your requirements.
How many changes in outfit, where you want to take photos, what album do you want to order.

To capture the precious moment and leave the beautiful photos, professional photographers invest in their equipment and keep up their skills. If the price is too low, you should dought about the quality.

Studio Photography:
300 dollars - 1000 dollars

Outdoor shooting:
1000-5000 dollars

check what is included in the package.

How much is the package price?

It is important to get professional advice how to pose, and make you relax to have te best smiles.
You need to have a chemistry between the photographer since you spend a long time.
You need to decide whether you like natural style, artistic style, dramatic style...
Find out what style you like and book the right person.

How many photos is appropriate?

It is better to shoot as many as photos as possible in order to capture the best ones. For professional shooting on magazines, you pick up a photo from thousands of photos to get the best one.
It also make you get used to being shot if you get lots of shots, but it is also important to have a wide range of great shots as well.
You'd better to spend at least a half day and get more than 200-300 photos to make sure all of them are great.
Check with the photographers how many photos they are giving out.

Will the photos be edited or retouched?

The photos will be color edited usually, but if you want further edition or retouchment, you need to check their optional service.

Can I get the photos in black and white?

Tell photographers what style you like before hand.

What if it rains in outdoor shooting?

Normally photographers are able to shoot in rain, it can be romantic. But check with the photographers whether you want to change the date if it rains.

How can I make booking?

You need to request to book first, then make payment to confirm the booking.
You can check the details before payment, check the cancel policy as well.

When is the best timing?

There is no rule for timing. Each season has beautiful scenery such as cherry blossoms in spring, sparkling beach in summer, colorful leaves in Autumn, innocent white in winter. Just make sure you book the photographer before they are fully booked. We recommend to book on weekdays as there are less people around.

Sending messages

There is a wide price range depends on photographers and what they provide(rental wedding gown, hair make up. album, etc), how many hours you want have photo session. It is of course better to go photo shooting for longer time to have enough time to feel more comfortable with camera, to get to know the better posing, expression on face...

What is so attractive about
pre wedding photography

You can choose your favorite outfit, do hair make up different from your big day.

Since you need to care about your parents for your big day, but for pre wedding photography, you can make your own choice. If you want to try wearing traditional wedding costume, color dress, or your own clothes... you can wear all!


It provides couples plenty of creative freedom to shoot beautiful photos.

You can decide wherever you like, any composition is possible for photoshoot. Find the professional photographer who can realize your ideal photography.

Pre wedding photographer

Take your time to learn to be comfortable in front of the camera.

Normally it takes certain time of period to have enough time to communicate with the photographer so that you can feel more at ease with being photographed.

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