Top 7 Freelance Photographers in Tokyo

Whether you're after engagement photos or holiday snaps, Tokyo is an incredible photo shoot area. In this article, we introduce our 7 most popular freelance English speaking photographers located in Tokyo.

Trickster photography

loving couple — Photo by trickster photography
in the trendy Tokyo Marunouchi area— Photo by trickster photography
picture by the tokyo tower — Photo by trickster photography
surprise! — Photo by trickster photography
couple among red flowers — Photo by trickster photography
flower shop girl and her groom — Photo by trickster photography

"Hello, My name is Atsuki Umeda. I'm a photographer based in Tokyo. I shoot weddings all around Japan. I used to live in the States for 5 years, so please feel free to email me in English" 

A seasoned photographer, trickster photography offers several photo shoot packages for the Tokyo area but can also shoot all over Japan. He is popular for his friendly personality and vibrant editing style that really makes colors pop.

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Yewkong Photography

couple in the park — Photo by Yewkong Photography
autumn hues in Tokyo — Photo by Yewkong Photography
beautiful pink cherry sakura blossoms in spring — Photo by Yewkong Photography
Winter wonderland in Odaiba ! — Photo by Yewkong Photography
dramatic shot in spring — Photo by Yewkong photography
pinks and reds — Photo by Yewkong photography

"Tokyo Based Wedding Photography Service. Specializing in wedding, pre-wedding, engagement, portrait, vocation, maternity and event photos." 

Originally from Malaysia, Yewkong Photography can speak Mandarin, English and Japanese. For him, photography is art and each picture is a new piece of his creation. Yewkong Photography currently offers a special package for the Tokyo area. 

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Yuki Shimada Photography

beautiful bride and her groom — Photo by Yuki Shimada Photography
elegant photo in Tokyo — Photo by Yuki Shimada Photography
happy couple  — Photo by Yuki Shimada Photography
bright photo in the park — Photo by Yuki Shimada Photography
Danny and Nagisa — Photo by Yuki Shimada Photography
lovely couple in museum — Photo by Yuki Shimada Photography

A Tokyo native, Yuki Shimada Photography began her journey into photography after being inspired by wedding pictures in America. Wanting to take the same beautiful and trendy photos, she signed up for photography school and worked for many years at a large photo studio in Tokyo, photographing over 800 couples. Now Yuki is working independently in the Tokyo area and has recently begun specializing in maternity photo shoots.

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Natsumetic Photography

Dramatic Wedding Couple Shot — Photo by Natsumetic Photography
At a Shrine — Photo by Natsumetic Photography
Couple photo in the Shinjuku area — Photo by C Photographic
cute couple photo in illumination — Photo by Natsumetic Photography
Bride and groom at Tokyo Opera City  — Photo by Natsumetic Photography
Maternity Photo with Frame Prop  — Photo by Natsumetic Photography

Natsume (AKA. Akinori Koseki) is a half Japanese half Korean photographer.

"What I try to capture on camera is the 'heart'. I capture a 'story' in each and every photo, and bring out the emotions of the moment."

A photographer who prides himself on capturing the feelings behind every photo, Natsume is a wonderful choice for capturing those overflowing smiles and memorable moments. He also has a certain skill for landscape and wedding photography. A great choice for location photo shoots in the Tokyo area.

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Yuri Uemura

wedding couple by the cliff — Photo by yoga and photography
bride with her friends — Photo yoga and photography
Kiss amongst the pillars - photo by yoga and photography
wedding reception — Photo yoga and photography
couple in sunset — Photo by yoga and photography
at the beach — Photo by yoga and photography

"A certified Iyengar yoga teacher and photographer based in Tokyo, San Francisco and New York. She studied photography at City College of San Francisco and has experience in both commercial and art photography." 

Yuri Uemura not only has considerable technical photography skills, but also has a natural talent for instantly getting along with new people. Regardless of whether you're young/old/male/female, she is wonderful at make a relaxed experience (even animals like her!) If you're looking for a photographer in Tokyo with extensive experience and terrific personality, definitely check out Yuri Uemura.

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Takano Kazuki

Hawaiian red thread of fate — Photo by Takano Kazuki
Dramatic Wedding Dress Shot — Photo by Takano Kazuki
Jumping Couple at Tokyo Station — Photo by Takano Kazuki

Guest at Wedding Reception — Photo by Takano Kazuki
Bouquet Toss — Photo by Takano Kazuki
A happy couple! — Photo by Takano Kazuki

Takano Kazuki is available for many types of photo shoots, be it weddings, family photos, or even shrine visits. Instead of just posing for the camera, Takano's focus is on capturing everyone's natural facial expressions. With a passion for getting shots at the most natural moments, this photographer is a wonderful choice for your next location photo shoot in Tokyo.

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Rui Photographer

italian landscape — Photo by Ruu Photographer
couple and flowing dress - photo by Ruu Photographer
couple at subway in paris - photo by Ruu Photographer
Wedding couple next to a carousel in Italy — Photo by Ruu Photographer
Bridesmaids in Hawaii — Photo by Ruu Photographer
couple in Tokyo — Photo by Ruu Photographer

"I like photos that are like pictures-- dramatic and cool. I'm also specialize in location photography, especially with nighttime shoots."

Rui Photographer's photo shoots infuse emotion and drama. He also works with his own studio that provides rental wedding dresses, tuxedos, hair-setting, and make-up, providing a very complete package for any pre-wedding photo shoot. Style, convenience, and Tokyo-based. Check him out below!

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