Yuki Shimada Photography Yuki Shimada Photography Yuki Shimada Photography Yuki Shimada Photography Yuki Shimada Photography Yuki Shimada Photography Yuki Shimada Photography Yuki Shimada Photography Yuki Shimada Photography Yuki Shimada Photography Yuki Shimada Photography Yuki Shimada Photography
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About Yuki Shimada Photography

【I provide photos that you can lovingly hang up for years and years.】

Each photo is abundant with that moment's happiness, emotion, feelings, and warm memories.
I will carefully provide photos that share those loving moments page by page, in photos that you'll display for years to come.

**About the Photographer** Yuki was born in Tokyo, and went to America to study Photography after university. She was mesmerized by American style of artistic wedding photos, and now provides wedding photos with an aesthetic style. After finishing photography school in America, she worked for a bridal photography company at many wedding venues. She has photographed over 800 couples. She became independent, with a goal to personally provide each couple the perfect wedding photos. After receiving requests from many previous customers, she opened her own Family Photos and Newborn Photo service as well. She has received training to provide safe and reliable photography for newborns. She is particularly well known for her use of natural light, as well as her soft and warm photo atmosphere.

Customers' Voice

The photographer will take amazing photos, so if you take some small props with you, it'll be even more exciting. However, the photographer was alone, so it seemed hard carrying around all the equipment by herself. It seems having an assistant would've been nice. Thank you so much, especially for doing the shoot in the cold. Although we were a little worried about rain, we had a wonderful photoshoot with the photographer, and had many great photos we'd love to use in our wedding ceremony. Thank you very much. We hope we will see you again soon.

I compiled example photos for our photoshoot, and shared them with Shimada-san (the photographer) on Pinterest, so our photoshoot went very smoothly. Instead of gathering sample photos right before the shoot, I think it's a good idea to collect images whenever you think something looks nice. The photographer was incredibly kind, and was wonderful.

Packages by Yuki Shimada Photography

120 min45,000 JPY incl. tax
Final Photo Set : 50 photos
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500 min80,000 JPY incl. tax
Final Photo Set : 500 photos
Notes :
I'll make a photo documentary of your special wedding day.
I'll record the entire day, from your preparations, actual ceremony and reception, to even post-wedding location photos.

I can also provide a physical album for an additional price, so please feel free to ask!
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