A Complete Guide to Beach Photo Shoots

A popular scene for young couples: a crystal blue ocean with white, sandy beaches.
This is a complete compilation of recommended photo spots, awesome beach dresses, and stylish photo ideas. A must-see for any honeymoon or vacationer to the beaches of Japan (or anywhere for that matter!)

Make your beach photos perfect with these tips and ideas.♥

Koji Nishida Photographyが撮影したビーチでのウェディングフォト

What are the recommended photo spots?

ユウコン フォトグラフィー
ユウコン フォトグラフィー

The recommended locations change based on your ideal photo: do you want a beautiful white, sandy beach in the background, or perhaps some mountains in the background?
Regardless, the most popular location in Okinawa, Hawaii, Bali, and any other tropical location is the beach resorts.

You'll also need to plan the spots in advance, especially if you want to get a beautiful sunset photo with the evening sun.

What kind of wedding dress is best for beach photos?

To capture the the sky blue and crystal ocean blue in the background, you'll want a pure white wedding dress.
However, an dress that's easy to move in is key. You'll also want to make sure you're allowed to get the dress dirty.
In fact, for men, wearing shorts and a dress shirt looks way more stylish on the beach than a tuxedo-- even if your bride is in a gown.

Many brides casually buy their own dress for a few hundred USD.

Also, it's popular for brides to go for a casual look with their hair down (which looks great!),
but winds at the beach can sometimes make it hard to manage. Make sure you keep track of the weather, and put your hair up accordingly.
Natural-style makeup that matches your dress is best. And don't forget that pedicure! You'll be walking around barefoot on the beach♪

When is the best season and time for beach photos?

We recommend early morning or late evening. When the sun is right above you, the light will be too bright for nice photos, and you'll also start breaking a sweat!
And if you're planning a resort vacation, try to avoid rainy seasons depending on the country. Make sure you ask your local photographer when the best times are-- you'll want to avoid crowds too.

What should I pack?

Sunscreen, sun parasols, and towels are a must! You can use the parasol during the shoot, and during your breaks inbetween too!

Recommended Prop #1: Colorful Sunglasses

Make your eyes pop with silly, fun sunglasses! They're particularly popular in tropical areas.

Hide Fotografie (三上 英和)が撮影したビーチでのウェディングフォト
Photo by: Hide Fotografie (三上 英和)

Recommended Prop #2: Photo Frame

A romantic idea using a photo frame fitted perfectly into the sandy beach. By using the correct angle and distance, it'll look like a photo set in your own world.♡

シキラマ グラフィーが撮影したビーチでのウェディングフォト
Photo by: shikiramagraphy

Recommended Prop #3: Letters

Set up special words or your names' initials on the sandy beach, or perhaps hold them together with the tropical blue landscape in the background.

ユウコン フォトグラフィー
ユウコン フォトグラフィー

What kind of scenes should we take at the beach?

Handwritten Messages in the Sand

Write a message in the sand, and show off the spectacular view. It's not every day you're at a beach like this!

ケアンズ ショーカイ フォト ファクトリーが撮影したビーチでのウェディングフォト
Photo by: Cairns Lens Photography

Running Together on the Beach

Unlike the cities, you can run freely on the beach! Get a photo of you two enjoying the time of your lives.

Studio SUNSが撮影したビーチでのウェディングフォト
Photo by: Studio SUNS

Piggyback Ride on the Beach

It's okay to fail and fall down a few times~ haha
Let's do our best and walk down the beach together.♪

Ryujin Hawaiiが撮影したビーチでのウェディングフォト
Photo by:Ryujin Hawaii

A Warm Embrace in front of the Setting Sun

A truly romantic experience. The sunset brings a warm ambience that melts any couple's heart.

SPACE' PHOTO SESSIONが撮影したビーチでのウェディングフォト

Handprints and Wedding Rings

A creative shot with your handprints. Set your wedding rings on it, to remember your bonds together.
SOMETHING BLUE PHOTOGRAPHY(ベン・デュリュック)が撮影したビーチでのウェディングフォト

An In-air Shot!

You could also hold a balloon! Just remember: beach photos look best with energy and fun.

SOMETHING BLUE PHOTOGRAPHY(ベン・デュリュック)が撮影したビーチでのウェディングフォト

Touching Foreheads

Location Studio GOODが撮影したビーチでのウェディングフォト
Photo by: Location Studio GOOD


A deep orange-red sunset with the silhouette of two lovers... can it get any more romantic?

SPACE' PHOTO SESSIONが撮影したビーチでのウェディングフォト


For Advanced Couples! Take a Dip in the Water!♪

If you'd like to try for the waters, take a dip and get a special shot.

U-CONCENT (香川裕貴)が撮影したビーチでのウェディングフォト 

Although this compilation was for beach photos, it really all depends on you. Your desired photo image can be one-of-a-kind. A unique photo shoot based on your desired scenery and time frame. Contact one of our local photographers anywhere in the world, and plan a unique photo shoot just for you.

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Final Photo Set : 100 photos
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Kimono Rental (Groom)
Rental wedding item
Hair makeup
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Final Photo Set : 100 photos
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Rental wedding item
Transport Fee During Shoot
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