For a Couple That Doesn't Like Taking Photos, These Turned out Great!

Claiming they don't like getting their photos taken, couple Chihiro and her partner Takeshi's photos would make you think otherwise! Having their pictures taken in scenic Kyoto, they worked with photographer Gentoku Katakura for their pre wedding photo shoot, this is their story.

What made you decide to go with Famarry?

We had been going out for a long time but we both really hate taking photos. We've got a few photos together, but none of us naturally smiling together. We really wanted some nice photos together so while looking through the #prewedding hashtag on Instagram, we found Famarry's account! There were so many beautiful photos that looked so natural we knew we had to get our photos done. So we started looking through all the different photographer plans on the Famarry website and without wasting anytime, booked a photo shoot!

At the former Kyoto prefectural office building — Photo by Gentoku Katakura 片倉写真事務所

Our photographer coordinated everything, from place to poses!

Since we live in the Kansai area, we wanted a local photo shoot in the same area. But even though we really wanted to have a photo shoot in the area we live, we soon discovered we really had no idea where to take nice photos. So we let our photographer decide everything! At that point, our photographer Gentoku Katakura suggested to take photos at the Former Kyoto Prefectural Office Building, we loved the idea so we went with it.

The photo shoot schedule: 

11amGetting hair and makeup and dress ready at studio
12pm~1pmPhoto shoot in the studio
1pm~3:30pmWent outside around midday to take photos at the Former Kyoto Prefectural Office Building 
5pmWrapping up the photoshoot, returning to the studio and changing back into our normal clothes

couple in the studio— Photo by Gentoku Katakura 片倉写真事務所

What kind of person was Gentoku Katakura like?

"He was so great!!!" Chihiro answered without skipping a beat. 

Even though we were both so nervous he repeated gently so many times, "It's fine! You're doing great!" and that really put us at ease and we were able to smile and be natural in front of the camera. We didn't have an assistant that day so it was just Katakura with us on his own and surprisingly it made us feel even more at ease. And for us who know don't know much about poses and don't like pictures, he was very patient and gently lead us through lots of great poses and shots! 

groom in his suit — Photo by Gentoku Katakura 片倉写真事務所
bride in her dress — Photo by Gentoku Katakura 片倉写真事務所
candid shot of bride and groom— Photo by Gentoku Katakura 片倉写真事務所
sweet studio shot of bride and groom in Kyoto — Photo by Gentoku Katakura 片倉写真事務所


Our reception theme: Toy Box. And our pre wedding photos to match♪

Since we're both children at heart and love toys we wanted our reception to be themed like a "toy box". 

cute lego couple — Photo by Gentoku Katakura 片倉写真事務所  funny doll pose — Photo by Gentoku Katakura 片倉写真事務所


Monochrome for a more classy style

The Former Kyoto Prefectural Office Building was built in 1904 and has a very distinct architectural style and is a very important cultural property. The look and feel of the building give the photos a very stylish and classy look. 

monochrome photo Kyoto — Photo by Gentoku Katakura 片倉写真事務所
monochrome photo Kyoto — Photo by Gentoku Katakura 片倉写真事務所
monochrome photo Kyoto — Photo by Gentoku Katakura 片倉写真事務所
monochrome photo Kyoto — Photo by Gentoku Katakura 片倉写真事務所


A quick snap for the books♪

On the day Chichiro and Takeshi got their registry done it was Setsubun! The special day in Japan (Febuary 3rd) marks the day before spring begins in Japan and is celebrated throughout the country. The couple decided to take special memorial photos to celebrate the traditions of the day as well as the special meaning it holds just for the two of them ♡



The last candid shot 

"I had no idea he took this shot, but I have taken quite a liking to it!", exclaimed Chihiro. 

"A friend had come to help us at the end of the photo shoot and it was great to have them there." 

"Katakura's strongest point is that he really makes you feel comfortable, even for people who don't like being in front of the camera like us, we were just put at ease. "



Chihiro's advice to future brides 

We really don't like having our photos taken but even we were able to take some great shots! (haha!)

My advice to future brides: look at lots of different wedding pictures, see which poses and shots you like and keep them in mind as your own inspiration for your photo shoots! 

Cute couple in Kyoto 片倉写真事務所 


Photo shoot location
Former Kyoto Prefectural Office Building 
Gentoku Katakura 

*Names have been changed to protect privacy

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