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Katakura Photo Office

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About Katakura Photo Office

I only work with 1 group per day.
Being a small photo office, I am able to be meticulous with me work. I treasure every connection I have with my clients, and take each photo with great care and feeling.
Katakura Photo Office takes care in preserving the atmosphere in each photo's expression. We strongly want to record the feelings and memories of your loved ones who attend your ceremony. That is our photo style.

Customers' Voice

We were doing long distance and we couldn't get both people into the store, so we simply talked about specifics on chat, which worked out very well! We were blessed with wonderful weather, and the photos didn't have a "wintery" feel. We also were able to use props we prepared beforehand, which was great. Even my partner, who said he didn't want to take photos, said he was glad we took those photos. So many great photos. He spent all day today looking through those photos again. haha He's excited to show these photos to all our wedding guests on the big day. We're really thankful to the photographer, Katakura-san, and to the hair and makeup stylist. I think that if you share with the photographer openly what kind of image and poses you want in your photoshoot, you'll have wonderful results that make you happy. And the more props you bring with you to the prewedding shoot, the more fun it'll be!

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