4 Seasons of Blossoms in Japan for your Pre Wedding Photos

Most areas in Japan have four distinct seasons, which allows all kinds of plants and flowers to grow. For destination pre-wedding photo shoots, blossoms and flower fields are always in the top location choices.

Generally speaking, the flowering duration is for 2 weeks to few months. However, unlike cherry blossoms which progressively bloom throughout the country, many flowers are “region limited”.

In this article, we’ll introduce some flowers from different seasons and areas in Japan that offer perfect pre-wedding photos backgrounds.


Sakura (桜)

Time: Mostly from end of March to early April (excludes Hokkaido and Okinawa)

Flowering duration: About a week to 10 days.

Location: Across the whole areas of Japan

As a typical sign of Japan, sakura has attracted thousands and thousands of Japanese and foreigners to visit Japan during blooming season. Walking along a row of sakura trees or enjoying the “sakura rain” are both beautiful settings for pre-wedding photos.

Can't take my eyes off you - Photo by Atelier Casha

Japanese Wisteria (藤の花)

Time: Mid-April to June

Flowering duration: 2 weeks

Location: Kawachi-Fujien, Fukuoka or Ashikaga Flower Park, Tochigi

Wisteria is a kind of trailing plant which has purple flowers growing in a column. 

The most stunning wisteria gardens are located in Fukuoka, which was chosen by CNN as one of the Japan’s 34 most beautiful places.

Time tunnel made of flowers - Photo by Feel So High! Kenichi Morinaga photography


Time: Mid-April to Early May

Flowering duration: 1 week to 10 days

Location: Hitachikaihin Park, Ibaraki

About 4.5 million light blue "baby blue eyes" flowers (also known as Nemophila) blossom across this hill in Hitachi-kaihin Park. The “flower ocean” complements the bride’s pure white wedding gown, and it looks simply gorgeous under the clear blue sky. 

Jump into the blue sea - Photo by STUDIO Giroux

Canola Flower (菜の花)

Time: Early April to Early May

Flowering duration: A few months

Location: Across the whole of Japan

The Canola flower's blossoming period lasts much longer than the other seasonal flowers. Before the harvest of the vegetables, the Canola flowers keep blooming from January to May so you will have plenty of time to plan and prepare for your photo session. The bright yellow color matches almost all colors of wedding gown, signifying the bright future of the new couple. 

Forever and ever - Photo by Studio TVB


Sunflowers (ひまわり)

Time: Mainly in July and August

Flowering duration: 2 weeks

Location: Across the whole areas of Japan

Summer is full of energy. Sunflowers naturally move toward the sun, and this is said to symbolize “adoration, admiration, and platonic love towards a person”. The yellow and orange sunflower fields match the sunny blue sky, brightening everyone's mood and guaranteeing some fun happy shots. 

Looking toward the sun - Photo by t pictures

Lavender (ラベンダー)

Time: Late June to Mid Aug

Flowering duration: 2 weeks (in July)

Location: Furano, Hokkaido

Lavender is an elegant purple blossom, which is always the perfect background for pre-wedding photos. Furano’s average temperature is 25~26°C in July, so you do not need to worry about the hot weather when the lavender blooms.

Purple romance in this summer - Photo by Queen Wedding Photography


Kochia (コキア) and Cosmos(コスモス)

Time: July to November

Flowering duration: 2 weeks (Kochia) and 6 weeks (Cosmos)

Location: Hitachikaihin Park, Ibaraki

If you missed out the flower seasons in spring and summer, do not panic. Hitachikaihin Park has a breathtaking space for you to take your pre-wedding photos in the cooler season. The Kochia flowers turn red in October, and there are also colorful Cosmos flowers in the same park. The Kochia keeps for around 2 weeks and the Cosmos last until the end of October.

Colorful flowers and us - Photo by STUDIO GIROUX


Ume (梅の花)

Time:  February to March (May in Hokkaido)

Flowering duration: 2 weeks

Location: Across the whole areas of Japan

When it comes to blossoms in the winter, Ume (aka Plum Blossom) is the first thing that comes to people’s minds. There are many varieties Ume, ranging from light and white, to a darker pink color. As one of the most traditional symbols of Japan, taking pre-wedding photos in a wedding gown or Kimono beside plum blossoms is the preference of many couples. 

Pure pink in the winter - Photo by Ayako PhotographyAyako Photography

Overall, no matter which season you’re planning to visit Japan, there’s always a chance for you to find a stunning flower field background.

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