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I spoke a lot with our photographer beforehand, so I wasn't nervous. If anything, I was only nervous about the weather. (I have horrible luck with rain! haha) I was glad that we used all the props we had prepared for the shoot well. The photographer also listened to any requests we had for the photoshoot, and we had lots of fun! Our marriage anniversary and family celebration turned out lovely. The photoshoot was very fun, and we would love to take another photoshoot soon. Thank you so much! Basically, I recommend you bring lots of props for fun, and be careful with the cold during the winter! And if you have any ideas of what kind of photoshoot you want, it's best to let the photographer know beforehand! It's easier to tell the photographer your ideas if you have photos to share as well♪

I'm glad we could take photos the way I envisioned them. If you prepare some pose samples (examples images of photoshoots you'd like), the shoot will go very smoothly.

My fiance and I are both not very good with photos, and we always get rigid when at a studio. That's why we decided to book a location photoshoot, hwere we could choose any location we want. We decided to ask Famarry for help. There are two reasons why. 1. We could receive all photo data. Almost all photo studios provide an album and a set number of photo data, with a few dozen more photos provided at an additional price. However, as someone who's not good with photos, I wanted to be able to choose my own photos. By receiving all the photos, I can choose which ones I like the best. And for the album as well, it's more convenient to receive the data and make my own copies, especially to give to family and friends. 2. Famarry allows you to choose your favorite photographer based on personal taste, by looking at past photoshoot albums. Although I looked at a lot of media to research for our location photography, we didn't know anything about how to conduct an actual photoshoot. However, the photographer relaxed us with normal conversation, made a comfortable atmosphere for us, gave us various instructions, and created an overall very fun photoshoot! At first, we only had a wedding ceremony planned, but I definitely recommend doing a pre wedding shoot as well! We had time until our big day, so we did the pre wedding shoot... it brought up my motivation towards planning for the big day, and it we got photos that showed our natural selves in our favorite places. I'm a crybaby, so I'd definitely be crying in all of my photos at the wedding ceremony anyway! I also recommend location photography to visitors and tourists as well! It's a wonderful time ♡ We took photos where we went on our dates, and where he proposed to me! When I get pregnant, have my first child, and go through other life events, I would love to take a photoshoot at the same places again.

My husband wasn't quite sure what a pre wedding shoot is like, and was nervous about what kind of photos would come out. He asked questions like "Where is the shoot? What poses will we do? How should we take the photos?", and I felt I should've involved him in the process more (I looked at a lot photos by myself!) Ayako-san expertly gave us instructions for poses, which was great. We did poses for photos that I never expected we could pull off, making photos that really moved me. Ayako-san's character is also wonderful, and even got my shy husband to have fun. I wanted to take photos with a rickshaw as well, but it seemed too much effort and expensive... I was not proactive enough. However, Famarry said any location is OK, so I was very happy. Thank you very much!

If there's something you don't know, you can ask Ayako and she responds very quickly. So I never had any worries. The photographer helps you with poses and such, so the photoshoot was very easy and fun. The photos were all so wonderful. I think it's great to take both pre wedding and post wedding photos as memories.

I was able to speak with the photographer in depth beforehand, and receive a consultation. Ayako's photography style is similar to my tastes, so I was able to share what my ideal photoshoot image is with her. It's hard to do the ideal photoshoot for the two of us at the wedding ceremony, because you're nervous for your big day, and you're constantly worrying about guests. So, doing a prewedding shoot before the big day, doing a photoshoot for just the two of you doing just the things you both like... is highly recommended! Thank you so much for the wonderful photoshoot. I'm truly grateful. Thank you very much!

I've always wanted to ask Ayako-san for a photoshoot, so we booked her for our wedding reception. Photos and videos last forever, so I think finding the perfect photographer is very important. The photos had all of our guests full of enjoyment. They're very nice!

I'm deeply thankful to Ayako. Her responses were fast, and the photos exceeded expectations. I'm satisfied with our photos from Marunouchi.

I wanted to take photos with just the two of us, in a relaxed setting besides the wedding ceremony on the big day. So when I saw Famarry's homepage, I saw that many people had wonderful photoshoots through the service and sent an inquiry. On the day of, I brought many props and items that we hadn't discussed earlier. However, the photographer was able to take wonderful, cute photos that exceeded my expectations! If you get inspiration from instagram or other social media, then I think you'll have great success. I was able to have the photoshoot that I wanted. Making memories and having permanent reminders of those moments is the best!

I ordered the "World's Cutest Bride" photo plan. The dress fit perfectly, and my hair was done exactly to my liking. I received many wonderful photos, so I'm very satisfied. If you're picky about what kind of props or items you want to use, it's best to prepare them yourself beforehand. And if you have ideas or a specific image you want for your photoshoot, it's best to let the photographer know beforehand.

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60 min35,000 JPY incl. tax
Final Photo Set : 30 photos
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120 min60,000 JPY incl. tax
Final Photo Set : 100 photos
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420 min120,000 JPY incl. tax
Final Photo Set : 500 photos
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120 min60,000 JPY incl. tax
Final Photo Set : 100 photos
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