Spectacular Starry Night Shoot in Hawaii

Holding their wedding ceremony on the island paradise Oahu, Hawaii, this couple's biggest wish was to capture the starry night sky.

Hiring two photographers and having two separate photography sessions, this couple took some incredible photos that showcased each respective photographer's forte. The bride, who has requested to go by her Instagram name "yuuukonuko", was very particular about all the details, making sure her dress and other items perfectly matched the theme of the photos.

Photo Shoot Part 1: Lester Miyashiro 

Yuuukonuko and her partner chose Lester Miyashiro as their photographer, who has taken photos of many celebrities that visit Hawai'i. Here are the beautiful, polished shots from the shoot.

A Bouquet of Orchids

Beautiful bride and bouquet — Photo by Lester Miyashiro

Matching the elegance of the Moana chapel at the Moana Surfrider, the bouquet shot turned out beautifully. 

The "First Look" Photo

couple first look photo — Photo by Lester Miyashiro A charming photo of the bride about to show off her gorgeous wedding dress to her groom for the first time. He eagerly awaits as he looks out to the shining Hawaiian waters. 

The Cinderella Photo 

couple Cinderella photo — Photo by Lester Miyashiro

A bright ocean blue heel and a prince to place it on his princess. A perfect fit for the fairytale couple. 

In Front of the Moana Surfrider 

couple in front of Moana Surfrider — Photo by Lester Miyashiro

This bright white building has an elegant and towering entrance. If it's the Moana Surfrider, then the picture has to be here! 

Entering The Chapel

In the Moana chapel — Photo by Lester Miyashiro

The crisp white and Tiffany blue accents are a beautiful match. 

In The City

Walking around downtown Honolulu — Photo by Lester Miyashiro

After the ceremony, the couple took a walk through downtown Honolulu. 

At The Park

Park in Hawaii — Photo by Lester Miyashiro

The couple find a bench in the park that matches with the color palette, and with the beautiful mountains in the background, relax in Oahu's evergreen nature. 

Photographer Review: Lester Miyashiro 

Lester was recommended to us by our planner, they had nothing but praise for him so we knew he would probably be our choice. Then, after looking through his photos and falling in love with his work, we became determined to hire him for our photos. At first we wondered what kind of photos he would take, but were reassured after seeing his portfolio, he is a pro after all. Instead of leaving everything to Lester, we decided on 5 specific shots we wanted and explained them to him as best we could. We felt quite nervous as we were waiting to meet Lester in person, but when he our wedding planner both showed up at once and greeted us with a big "Aloha!", our nervousness just melted away!

I don't really like having my photo taken but thanks to Lester's professionalism and sense of humor we came away with so many wonderful photos of ourselves with lovely natural expressions. The finished and edited photos are like works of art and when I saw them I almost felt bad for being such a bad art subject! Also, the many pictures of our guests and family with big smiles on their faces will bring back happy and vivid memories for us for years to come. 

We are so thankful for Lester's ability to capture both the beauty of Hawaii as well as the happiness we share in our photos. From the bottom of our hearts, we are so grateful and happy to have chosen Lester. 

Photo Shoot Part 2: Ryujin Hawaii 

The celebration continues on into the night with this next set of photos. The couple had their hearts set on a sunset and starry night photo shoot and decided to work with photographer Ryujin Hawaii who specializes in starry night photos. If you're also looking to book a photo shoot in the Hawaiian islands, we recommend taking it slow and living a little "Hawaiian style" for a more relaxed shoot. 

Romantic Sunset Photos

Sunset Photo — Photo by Ryujin Hawaii

Sunset Photo — Photo by Ryujin Hawaii

The Long Awaited Starry Night Shot

Starry night photo — Photo by Ryujin Hawaii

Showcasing Ryujin Hawaii's speciality is this incredible starry night shot by Ryujin Hawaii. This type of photography requires a long exposure to create the starry sky effect and took quite some time to pull off. It was a bit windy but this contributed to the gorgeous flowing veil in the finished shot. 

Photographer Review: Ryujin Hawaii 

Stargazing is one of my favorite hobbies so when we started planning our wedding I knew I wanted a shot with the night stars. I first found Ryujin Hawaii through the #starrynight and #Hawaii hash tags he uses on Instagram. He was the first photographer to show up and after seeing his photos I just knew we had to choose him. He was very friendly we were very grateful for the huge amount of effort he puts into his work.

The evening of our photo shoot was quite cloudy, which worried us a little, but luckily it started to clear up just as we took the sunset photos!

Next was the starry night photo shoot which unfortunately had to be rescheduled due to rain. It was such a pity because Ryujin had driven hours to find the perfect spot for us.

I never felt even a hint of nervousness when shooting with Ryujin Hawaii, it felt more like chatting and hanging out with a friend. We were able to get shots we would never normally take and they turned out amazing. 

I am over the moon with the starry night shot, it surpassed even my wildest imagination! I am already thinking of doing a starry night photo shoot again one day when I have children.

Photo shoot location
Oahu, Hawaii
Lester Miyashiro
Ryujin Hawaii

*Names have been changed to protect privacy

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