The Latest Wedding Trend... Pre-Wedding Videos?

There is an increasing number of couples who are looking to take “pre wedding videos”. This is where the bride and groom meet with a videographer several months before their wedding day to film a video for the wedding reception. We investigated this trend and found some great examples that are sure to inspire you!

Many wedding venues and hire companies offer the option to rent a projector for wedding receptions. It is most commonly used to show a slideshow of the bride and groom growing up, and special moments they have shared together. However, some couples are now choosing to produce videos especially for the occasion. 

Let your personalities shine!

This couple combined clips of themselves running together with a behind-the-scenes of their pre-wedding photos to create a super sweet video that gives guests a real glimpse into their relationship.

If you are already looking into pre wedding photography, why not consider taking a videographer along with you too?

Lights, camera... action!

These two newlyweds rented out a cinema to film their opening video! The videographer perfectly captures the expression on the groom’s face as he sees his beautiful bride in her dress for the first time. Then, as if stars in their own romantic movie, we see them embrace in front of the flickering screen. This artistically edited and upbeat video is sure to draw in and excite guests.

A secret elopement in Hawai’i

This video plays out almost like a music video as we watch the bride and groom drive through the magnificent Hawaiian landscape in a red convertible car. We follow the couple picking out their wedding outfits, snacking on malasadas, and strolling through a field of flowers. It ends with the sweethearts exchanging rings in an empty chapel and driving off into the sunset.

This was certainly a huge project to pull off and is sure to be something the couple treasure together for the rest of their lives. 

Inspired yet?

If so, here are answers to some of the questions you may have...

How much does it cost?

This will depend on many factors such as the location, complexity, and the experience of the videographer. To give you a ballpark figure, production costs for a simple pre wedding video in Japan start at approximately ¥50,000 (approximately USD$500). If you are looking for something more highly produced you can expect to spend ¥100,000 (USD$1000) or more.

For couples taking their pre-wedding photos in Japan, please feel free to contact us with your budget and a description of the video you would like, and we will do our best to match you with a videographer.

How do you decide what to film?

The videographer will work with you to decide what will go into the video. We recommend finding examples of videos you like, places you would like to film, and discussing your needs with your videographer well ahead of time. Meeting them in person is also a great idea if possible.

When do you get the finished video and in what format?

You can expect to receive the finished product approximately 1 month after the shoot on average. It is common to receive a DVD or download link. Make sure to discuss this with your videographer before the shoot so the video is ready in time for your wedding and in a format you can play.

Looking for a videographer?

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