Inspiration For Your Spring Photo Shoot in Japan

Cherry blossoms are known throughout the world as the pretty pink flowers that only bloom in spring! In Japan they are referred to as "sakura" and usually start blooming around the beginning of April, depending on the location. The beautiful flowers make for absolutely stunning photo settings!

Photo by KIKI Wedding

The cherry blossom (aka "sakura") season is very short in Japan, and that is what makes the blossoms so special. The pretty pink flowers start to bloom around the end of March through until the beginning of May, depending on the area. For Tokyo, the cherry blossom season is starts at the end of March or beginning of April. Japanese people never grow tired of the cherry blossom season, eagerly awaiting the many goods and limited time treats that come with it. Many people participate in "hanami" or flower viewing which is almost always accompanied by drinks and friends. The hanami parties can be found anywhere there are cherry blossom trees. The sakura reach full bloom approximately one week after they start to blossom. 

Kimono Under The Blossoms


Sakura and kimono are among the first things that come to mind for many people when they think of Japan. Dressing in a kimono during the spring season is a wonderful way to experience Japanese culture, making for a perfect picture of culture and grace. 

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By The Riverside 

Photo by Kai 

Japan has many rivers lined with sakura trees and when the flowers are in full bloom it is popular to take boat cruises to see the cherry blossoms up close! As the blossoms begin to fall, the rivers become a stunning sea of pink petals and a beautiful backdrop for photos.

Surrounded By Pink

Photo by KISA Photography 

Cherry blossoms can be found everywhere in the springtime along sidewalks, streets, and rivers. It would be close to impossible to find a spot without the spectacular trees. 

Shower of Cherry Blossom Petals

Photo by B Works Photography 

Cherry blossoms represent the beauty and the fragility of life. The blossoms only last two short weeks before they begin to wilt and fall. With so many trees all over the place, you can expect to literally be showered in cherry blossom petals!

Feel free to ask us about timing, location, wedding gowns, make-up and anything related to having your photos taken during the cherry blossom season. 

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