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Aichi Gifu Mie


My name is Sakaguchi and I am a photographer who is currently active mainly in Aichi prefecture. I became independent this year, and I have been a photographer for the fifth year in total. On weekdays, we shoot "corporate photos posted on HP and free papers", "school photos", "marriage utilization photos", etc., and on Saturdays and Sundays, we shoot a wide range of photos such as "sports photos", "wedding photos", "events and party photos". doing. Customers often say that they are friendly and that they immediately feel a sense of intimacy! ] And a compliment. At the time of shooting, I always try to have fun shooting while both sides are relaxed. While asking the customer to check the photos taken for each scene, we will not only retake them on the spot, but also make better proposals based on the experience of past Web directors.

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