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Photo Atelier felice

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About Photo Atelier felice

My name is Yuki Fujita, representative of Photo Atelier felice.
Our shop is based on the concept of the best piece
We are shooting specifically for [Wedding Family].

Everyone may be happy to spend a variety of days, of course not only fun, but also sometimes painful and sad things ...

At that time, if there is a photo that can be returned to the origin ...
★ Photos you want to keep forever ★
★ Photos that bring back important memories ★

In this moment, it is our pleasure to help you to leave that feeling forever as a persistent memory.
In addition, our shop, we have been shooting in 2 photographers system!

★ ★ What is 2 photographers? ? ★ ★
プ ロ Two professional photographers with extensive knowledge and experience accompany you, enabling a wide variety of photography.
Not only we will shoot, we will also support you for lighting support, redressing your costume, and so on, so the shooting itself will go smoothly! Therefore, high quality photos are finished!
(Reduction of shoo

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