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Photography Nakao Kyoto

Photography Nakao Kyoto

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About Photography Nakao Kyoto

As a professional photographic studio since 1920 in Kyoto, we are serving local community in variety of photographic fields, such as wedding photography, traditional portraits, babies and infants, architectures, products and fashion, editorial photography, and conventions.

Focusing on pre-wedding photo session for instance, our on-location shooting plan includes two sessions at two different places, as well as costume rental and dressing, make-ups, hair arrangements.

Our list of shooting places includes down town area of Kyoto City often used for cinema or TV commercials, quiet Japanese tea gardens, temples and shrines, every one of which is fulfilled with mood of traditional Japanese beauties and atmospheres. The sessions also could be made on your assigned favorite places if any.

As a specialist of photography, we spend more emphasis on restoring old photographs,

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