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APITS art photography

APITS art photography

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Nagano Prefecture Nagano

About APITS art photography

I photograph a wedding mainly. I respond in overall photography.
Based in Karuizawa, I photograph a business trip to whole world.

Beautiful nature of 1,000m above sea level and Karuizawa that developed into a foundation by the history and culture.
It is widely known as a place holding a wedding ceremony.
I think this Karuizawa to want world people to know it more not to mention Japan.
One means is a location photo.
In the four seasons in Japan, it is one of the contents that are attractive for overseas people.
I want to send Karuizawa and Japanese charm that through a photograph.
In addition, not only Karuizawa, Japan, I want to catch "the scenery of the heart" which person each has at various places as a photograph. It will be with one piece that is special as for important person and one piece to leave at a favorite place of oneself.
"apits" of company name "apits art photography" took an initial of "A place in the sun".
There is "A place in the sun" to anyone by all means. It loaded it with a message to be important to continue step without giving it up to find the place even if it "was a place of the happiness", and "a place to believe" in was hot now.
The wedding ceremony is father, mother, a family, a moment thanking you to a friend with doing an oath.
I want to send feelings and the thought that are not readily conveyed as the thing which is visible as a photograph by the words.
 I pray a person holding a wedding ceremony for form including the wedding ceremony that it is possible for for thought and the feelings of thanks heartily from now on.

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