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Saitama Tōkyō-to Chiba Ibaraki


A photographer with 10 years of camera experience will shoot on a business trip. He has won many photo contests, has adopted photographs taken in magazines and television, and has experience in VIP photography such as a big entertainer and a celebrity. If you can afford the transportation fee, you can shoot anywhere in the country, so please feel free to contact us. For camera equipment, we use highly reliable equipment that is also used by professionals. We take high-quality and high-quality photos with the equipment we have prepared for a total of over 3 million yen. On request, we also accept photography with old lenses called "old lenses". The feature is that you can take soft and warm pictures with the lens that appeared in Japan's high economic miracle period in the 1960s. It is ideal for shooting portraits, etc., and has been very well received by customers who have taken pictures so far. It is a lens that is difficult to shoot due to a lot of flare and out-of-focus, but it also tastes good. There is an indescribable taste, so if you are interested, please request it!

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