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Reina Kohyama

Reina Kohyama

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Tokyo Chiba Tōkyō-to 東京都

About Reina Kohyama

・Based in Tokyo
・10 years of photography
・Career: Event photography, portraits, buildings, product photography

<Profile> It is important to capture natural moments, gestures and facial expressions.
I think that the atmosphere and feelings of the scene will appear in the photos, so in the case of portrait photography, I try to have a relaxed atmosphere while talking while talking.
Let's find out the "best one" unique to women. If you are shooting a person other than the person, we will listen to the desired finished image and shoot until you are satisfied. Although I have a long history of photography, I am still studying as a professional, so I would like to accept at a price that is not overwhelming. Thank you very much.

・Equipment: Sony α7Ⅲ
・Lens used: 50mm (F1.8) single focus, 24-105mm (F4)
・Edit: Lightroom CC
・Film camera (Canon AE-1)

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