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Nice to meet you, I am Suzuki from Gum Studio, a photography studio that has been popular in Nagoya for over 30 years.
Gum Studio has been looking for high quality photos, mainly advertising photos.
Regardless of the scale of the shooting, we can handle a wide range from our studio shooting to business trip shooting.

Taking advantage of shooting experience such as advertisements and promotional materials, product photography, vehicle photography, company information, portraits to cooking and architecture, indoor and outdoor parties and events. If you are involved in shooting such as our studio / house studio, location shooting, it is possible to respond to any shooting.

The client's intention is important and communication is the top priority, and the emphasis is placed on prior meetings.
If the photographed photograph is not unnatural, it will not be modified in image processing etc., but if it is added, the expression will become more effective and the client's image will be embodi

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