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Saitama Tōkyō-to

About jinzfoto

I taking photography from 2012. mostly at International Exchange Program. And I was participate the "Ship for Southeast ASIAN and Japanese Youth Program" in 2016. I was decided become a full-time Photographer after the program. And began at Sep. 2018.
Now I taking Portrait for Business, Wedding Party, Kindergarten, Event etc... I done 370 photo works at 2019. Now I plan to make a photo office and with home from Sep. 2020.
Please ask me by English & Chinese if you have any question.

Photo Exhibition
・Yuichi Kaneko Photo Exhibition "Friendship in Yangon" Paper Pool at Yutenji [2020]
・Yuichi Kaneko Photo Exhibition "Gate of Conversation ~Story of Okurou Kea~" Paper Pool at Yutenji [2020]
・Yuichi Kaneko Photo Exhibition "Cold Stripe" maWaRu hair at Omotesando [2019]
・Yuichi Kaneko Kumagaya Uchiwa Matsuri Photo Exhibition"Haneru Matoi" Kumagaya-Kan at Kumagaya [2019]

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