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About Murata Photo Works

Murata Photo Works provides prewedding plans and Kyoto location photoshoots with customers wearing bridal kimonos like Shiromuku, Irokakeuchi, and Hikifurisode.
Our photographer has won a wedding photo award 4 years in a row. This experienced photographer can pull out the couples most natural expressions. We also have a strong understanding of bridal clothing and salons.

We have about 70 high-quality kimono outfits that you can choose from.

We can help take photos at shrines, old town areas, and another places you desire. Some places are only allowed through Murata Photo Works! We can introduce you to beautiful locations, with huge satisfation.

Please let us know any (and we mean any!) requests you have, and we will do our best to assist!
We have English-speaking staff as well, so anyone is more than welcome to send an inquiry.

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