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Photo taken by THE CLIPS - Before location shooting

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Shizuoka Yamanashi-ken Kanagawa Aichi Tōkyō-to


This is Wedding Photo Atelier THE CLIPS, which takes pre-bridal shots and wedding snapshots. I'm always active as a professional photographer & video creator team, such as pre-bride photography, mainly in Shizuoka, Kanagawa, and Nagoya. I would be happy if I could help one page of their wonderful story. "Cut out a moment and make it a thing that will last a lifetime." Two lovely crested ibis, a wonderful leopard dragonfly, and a natural leopard leopard that changes at that time are "photographed". And like "CLIP", I want you to be able to keep losing important things and keep them together. Achievements so far More than 100 bridal snapshots a year Actual more than 100 bridal pre-shoots a year Various events/festival photography Achievement elementary and junior high school event photography Event promotion movie production Many achievements Web CM achievements Appeal point Answers from clients We will do high quality work so that

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