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About Sincere

Hello! I am Yamanaka Junichi, from Sincere.
I produce wedding proposals and photoshoots all over Japan.

We are a husband-wife team: I am a producer and assistant, and my wife Akiko is a cameraman.
We're based in Hokkaido, and active around the country.

We can provide outdoor photography with scenery unique to Hokkaido,
or studio/indoor photography with an at-home ambience.
We've done pre wedding photoshoots, childrens' birthday shoots, shichi-go-san photoshoots...
providing photos full of love, heart, and memories.

[What is Producer Yamanaka?]
After graduating university, I was a salaryman at a trading company for 10 years.
In 2015, I rented out an entire TV tower, and proposed to my wife.
This inspired me to become a wedding proposal producer, so that all women can have wonderful proposal stories.
Now, I am "Japan's Only" Proposal Producer, working side-by-side with my photographer wife! We're a winning combination!

We not provide wedding photography, pre wedding, photo weddings, and family weddings after high demand from our old clients (who gave proposal photoshoots to!)

[For people who want to take beautiful outdoor photos in Hokkaido]
There is beautiful scenery all over our vast lands.
Food, water, other ingredients are all delicious, so you can't go wrong.
Our goal is for people to make beautiful memories in Hokkaido, and to recognize the charms of our prefecture.

For customers who:
Want to remember their first family vacation to Hokkaido.
Are going to Hokkaido for a honeymoon.
Are on a couple's vacation to Hokkaido.
...Would you like to take a photoshoot? :)

[For those who want a photoshoot anywhere in Japan]
We have a team of cameramen all over Japan!
In this digital age, we can use social media and phone calls with our team,
so please leave the planning up to us!

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