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About マタニティフォトスタジオStudio8

Hello! We are Studio8, a maternity photo studio based in Ebisu, Tokyo.

Our creative team, who does advertisements for luxury brands,
will provide a stylish maternity photo shoot for you.

For our pregnant clients, we can take monochrome, high quality photos that bring out the line of your beautiful yet mysterious tummy. Or perhaps you can lay on a bed of over 200 flowers in a sepia photo shoot.

Our veteran staff with experience in luxury brands will create a beautiful product that draws out your desired facial expressions and poses.
Let's create photos that'll never fade for years to come.

We'll provide an at-home environment, with lots of chatting.
And provide 200 to 400 photos as a present on the day of, after the 1.5 hour photo shoot.
Choose 3 of the photos for a fabulous retouch.

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