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About スマイルプロアート

I've taken many wedding ceremony photos until now.

You may wonder,
why do people choose me out of so many other photographers?
Especially when wedding venues usually provide their own photographers.

Is it my technique? Pricing?
Well, I think it's because of my friendliness!

I meet with my clients beforehand,
and we talk about the photoshoot and let you know a little bit about myself.
And once you decide that I am the right choice, I provide your photo shoot.

When you have a photographer who understands your emotions,
and takes photos filled with those feelings,
the result is different from those provided by someone you've never met.

I contemplate everyday what I can do for you, my future clients.
I want to take the best photos possible for your once-in-a-lifetime ceremony.

"We want to show our individuality"
"We want to share our thanks with everyone"
"We want an intimate ceremony with few people..."
What kind of ceremony are you going for?

I'll follow what you're thinking,
and provide 100% satisfaction!

Most photographers only think about taking photos of the couple.
But I personally think about the parents and guests.
After taking photos of the couple, I will take photos of the parents and guests as well.
Photos that highlight everyone who was at the event.

I'll help you make that special, memorable day into a shining treasure.

Photographers help make that one moment of happiness last forever.
Photos that revive those moments years after.
Photos that work like a time capsule.

I won't miss a single shining moment, and I'll provide heartfelt treasures, everlasting photos.
Leave it to me.

Smile Pro Art Cameraman Representative
Nishino Akihiro

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