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GQ wedding photojournalism

GQ wedding photojournalism

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About GQ wedding photojournalism

"Wedding Photography is a Fine Art.
It's the photographer's job to provide the "it" factor. Something that brings you happiness."

"There are many wedding photographers who simply record the event as it is. It's unfortunate. It's also unfortunate for the bride and groom who accept this as the norm. Weddings are overflowing with artistic magic-- I wish the couple had more expectations for their photos. Because anyone can bring artistry to their photos."

"I talk a lot with the client before the photoshoot, and take in all of their background and history. All of this becomes the inspiration, the key to wonderful photos. It's because the clients themselves are key ingredients to create a masterpiece."

~Showgo Westfield~

Photographer = Entertainer
What's most important is Communication.
Not just between the bride and groom, but with everyone at the venue.
Our performance will be the triggering explosive that brings your special day to a new level of "extraordinary".

We are:
Photographers who are Artists
who are also performers.

For more information,
let's meet in person.

Our prices are slightly high,
but you will not be disappointed with the results.

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