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Mermaid wedding

Mermaid wedding


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「Mermaid Wedding」では “人魚姫の結婚式”をコンセプトに、水中ならではの神秘的な空間で、花嫁を人魚姫のようにより美しく幻想的に撮影する日本で唯一、そして世界でも類を見ないフォトウェディングサービスをご提供させていただいております。

「水面に写し出される鏡」 「雪のように舞う気泡」 「水に浮遊するドレス」




Junya Nishigawa / 西川 隼矢
鹿屋体育大学卒業後、インストラクター、SE、カメラマンなど多種に渡る仕事を経験したのち独立しWASSER-S1 Design Officeを設立。
2014年水中ウェディングフォトサービス「Mermaid Wedding」事業を開始。

The "Mermaid Wedding" in the "wedding of the Little Mermaid" concept, in a mysterious space of underwater unique, the only one in Japan to more beautiful fantastic shooting as mermaid princess bride and unprecedented in the world photo, we are allowed to offer wedding services. "Mirror that is projected on the surface of the water," "bubble dancing as snow," "dress floating in the water." Among the special world that can never be represented in the land, take off in the best shape of the precious memories of the two of you as an art photo of a lifetime. Become a shooting studio, Tokyo Aoyama of membership ship photo Tone scrub the top floor of the indoor pool. Natural light from the luxurious atmosphere and ceilings will be available at chartered for only two people and a nice pool to wrap brighten the two of you. Water and live, a couple that has been come familiar with the water, of course, also for couples who are interested in the fantastic world of water, we are able to cherish a lifetime, want to deliver a special wedding photo. This thought in my heart, our staff, we have to look forward to from the bottom of my heart the meet you can day to two people. PHOTOGRAPHER Junya Nishigawa / Nishikawa Hayabusaya 1982 Kagawa Prefecture production. Athens Olympic preliminary round competed in the 200m freestyle. NIFS after graduation, founded instructor, SE, an independent WASSER-S1 Design Office After work experience across a wide, such as cameraman. 2012 pool professional underwater photography services business to start, Widely active in from advertising to individual shooting. Start the 2014 underwater wedding photo service "Mermaid Wedding" business.

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