Photo of Kamakura shooting taken by Shashin Biyori (Joung Kwangchul)

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Shashin Biyori (Joung Kwangchul)

Shashin Biyori (Joung Kwangchul)

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Tōkyō-to Tokyo

About Shashin Biyori (Joung Kwangchul)

We not only record moments in photos, but we pursuit dramatic photography.
So that your emotions come rushing back every time you see the photos.
Each and every shot will capture your beauty, and your unique charm as you look into the camera.
The photographer, Joung, has been in Japan since November 1998.

2009: Lifestudio Kokubunji, a studio specializing in baby photography, is established.
2013: A photo studio for adults is opened in Harajuku, called Shashin Biyori.
2015: Boncote Photostudio is established in Kamakura.

Our favorite words: "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called the present."

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