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gift from the sun photocraft

gift from the sun photocraft

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Ibaraki-ken Ibaraki

About gift from the sun photocraft

A self-studied photographer, he originally worked as an engineer before becoming a freelance photographer. This is his 6th year in the photography industry.
Including Bridal Photography, he also works in studio + outdoor shoots, family photography, anniversary photos, still-image item/food photography, and magazine photography as well.

Instead of fitting molds, he does his best to bring out your charm through natural photography.
He has experienced many photo shoot scenarios that give him a strong logical base. So, he can flexibly match any of your requests.
In addition to natural lighting, photography using strobe lights is also available.

In his private life, he lives in an unpopulated woodland area not far from Tokyo, to fulfill his goal of living with the dirt beneath his feet.

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