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Hyōgo-ken Kyōto-fu Osaka

About photo Takumi

Nice to meet you, I'm Hara Takashi, representative of "photo of Takumi"specializing in business trip wedding photo.

Policy of "Photo of Takumi" is to your happiness of memories to form, I want you to go to make your new future. "

Currently, the cost of the photography and video production in the ceremony, it has been said to take up to 200,000 yen to 800,000 yen at a minimum.
Therefore, it is abandoned photography and video production, you have a lot of people that do not leave the memories.

It also has become a problem level of variation in the ceremony photographer. When especially in peak season, because there is less number of professional photographers, ceremony is no less is to use a part-time job photographers such as students and office workers.
After all, in most cases on the day of photographers do not know who they are at all, So it is a situation that can not be the bride and groom to leave was shooting ease.

Inappropriate cost and quality of this situation in the proper, that you enjoy the life the best events in the smile of joy to welcome the day with confidence.
This is the best of feelings of Takumi photo.

And, our policy in order to realize these,
The first policy, depending on your budget and needs, to provide quality service at a reasonable price.
* Album, recording video, digest end roll well as I am aligned all. And, a professional photographer to take the picture always.
Second of policy, be the most important communication with you.
* I will take with you in principle at least twice of meeting (progress meetings in ceremony at the estimate meeting / photographer attended).

We do carefully meeting, and we will be friends with you. "

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