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Tony Romero

Tony Romero

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Comunidad de Madrid

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The person behind the camera.
I love ... when every year I meet new couples. Seeing them smile and be themselves when they are before my goal. Feel the magic when I make the first photos. Waiting nervously the arrival of the great day. The embrace that gives me the boyfriend saw me coming, and the look of tranquility bride to enter your home. Travel and soak in the culture and history of each place I go. Read a book unhurried. Take long walks and breathe. Enjoy a good movie. Connect with couples getting to be one of the family. Believe that anything is possible. Spring, summer and fall ... and winter too. Customers who become friends. Ilusionarme as a child with each new project. Smiling people on the street and return me smile. Listen to songs that fill the soul. My family. Take pictures.

Thank you! Visit my website, for thinking of me as your photographer, trust my style, See yourselves identified, believe in love, for giving me the ability to capture your dreams. Above all, thanks for letting me take the pictures that will allow you to recall and feel.

The photographic report is part of a visual legacy. The images become the only memory you will leave to your children and to your children's children. How you want to show all your moments of happiness? How to ensure that inherit a valuable visual treasure? Tell me your dreams and illusions, I'm sure you'll find me a photographer you are looking for

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