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I started taking pictures when I was a child, trying to imitate my father. I liked his old cameras and I was fascinated by the alchemy of the darkroom.
With the passage of time this particular way of interacting with reality has become the passion that today is my job . I like to think that with me there's always that little boy, with his curiosity, his desire to experiment, his wanting to put himself to the test continuously.

I began photographing natural landscapes and architecture. Now I love being a wedding photographer . Why ? Because marriage is a moment full of emotion and passion. I’d like to reproduce those feelings in my shots: a face, a smile, a tear, a look .

I do it in the first place trying to help the couple to face in the best way a moment that , in some ways , can be very difficult.
One of the best things about my job is that … today many of these spouses are my friends.

2009-2011 rosette bronze section emotions;
2009 2011 European qualification QEP reportage awards association AGWPJA;
2012-2104 recognition of association AGWPJA;
2014 7th ranking wedding photographers associations journalism AGWPJA.

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