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About éclat photography

éclat [ エクラー ] n. — fragment, flash, spark, glamour, vividness

Without a doubt, photos express the photographer's sensibilities.
We would like to provide the best service, and make your special day even more special.
And that is éclat's most important motto.

Glowing smiles that form naturally. Tears overflowing. A serious gaze. These natural expressions can never be expressed through words alone.
Those moments are special, and only happen once in your life-- it's important to capture each and every one of them.

We'll help capture photos of the once-in-a-lifetime memories of the couple, the family, and the wonderful guests in attendance.

Every photo tells a story. We will produce them in the best way possible.
A wedding story produced by our photographer in Hawaii.
We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Lead Photographer: George
Many people can feel the charm in his personality. Like father like son, he entered the world of photography. He became a top Hawaii Wedding Photographer at a speed in which it's hard to tell he's self-taught. He has a deep love of wedding photography, and works hard to provide photos that come from the heart, and are true representations of your memories. He is skilled in capturing the natural expressions on people's faces. He makes sure to keep the ambience relaxed and fun to get the best pictures. The photos he can get of couples in Hawaii's special blue sky and lighting is unforgettable. He's even personally requested by many customers. Many past customers have been celebrities and sports athletes. Born in Taiwan, he speaks English, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese.

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