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Antonella Francese

Antonella Francese


About Antonella Francese

Francese Photography specializes in Wedding Photography and Fashion and is based in Italy, Verona and the Amalfi Coast.
Francese Photography together and these two sisters – both passionate photographers – define their styles as ‘simple luxury photography’ and tell their story like this. The sisters both studied photography and have been recognized internationally; Claudia’s work appears in shows in Rotterdam and in ‘The best of’ in "Voguephoto" . The last two years the sisters have been working around 100 weddings per year , recognized in the last years at the contest "Wedding Photography Industries " winner for the year 2012 and 2013 as a "Best Wedding Photography studio in Amalfi Coast" .
Francese Photography collected numbers of cover magazine in "Wedding Idea Magazine" and "Perfect Wedding " published in UK. Recognized in Italy and Internationally the sisters are leaders in the industry in rapport with our clientele, Their focus is not so much on climbing the ladder of success as a personal relationship with their clients.

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