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Thank you for visiting this page. I'm a freelance photographer in Utsunomiya City. ◆ To family wedding customers <Message> "I want to capture the loving moments of my family in my photos" is my desire! To that end, we will take the time to respond with "limited to one group per day". Taking advantage of my own experience of raising children, I will propose shooting images. While taking pictures of many children, I recommend "decorating and complimenting the pictures in the house (= compliment)" and convey the idea that "I want people who are confident in themselves to grow up". I would like to come. <Features> ・ We will propose the shooting contents with sample photos in advance ・ We will flexibly respond to changes in shooting time depending on dressing and mood of children ・ Retouch editing such as beautiful skin and tooth whitening <Achievements>・ Birthday, palace visit, 753, coming-of-age ceremony, entrance ceremony, graduation ceremony, athletic meet, Yuugi party, music presentation, wedding, family photo, etc. ・ Silent photography of concerts, concerts, etc. ・ Sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball Photography (from children to adults) ◆ To corporate customers <Message> We make proposals that utilize the know-how cultivated in the management planning of major IT companies. At the site, we will take pictures while checking the pictures on the monitor. <Achievements> ・ Photographs of press releases / portraits (men and women) for SNS ・ Photographs of corporate websites / stores and services / products for magazine advertisements ・ Photographs of various events If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Please contact us!

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