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Gold Hat Photography(Mark Kenji Condon)

Gold Hat Photography(Mark Kenji Condon)

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About Gold Hat Photography(Mark Kenji Condon)

My middle name is Kenji as I am half Japanese. I came to Tokyo to learn Japanese in 2004 and stayed there for 7 years. I love Japan and its people! I also starred in a tv drama called Hako Iri Musume - maybe you remember Iijima Naoko’s boyfriend, Keesu?!

I am originally from the UK but am living in Sydney now. I shoot weddings all over the world. I would love to shoot more weddings in Japan!

My wedding photography style is very different to traditional Japanese wedding photography. My style is modern, candid, fun and creative. My wedding photography is for the new generation of young Japanese people! Don’t worry though - I also take traditional group formal photos as well to please your mum and dad ;-)

Contact me whatever your budget and let’s see if we can work together. I look forward to hearing from you and creating some amazing images together!

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