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Lénaïc Maréchal

Lénaïc Maréchal

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About Lénaïc Maréchal

I travel often for my work but mainly work in France & Italy but I wish to expand my horizon to Japan.
Bio/Profile: When someone ask about my photography style, I cannot really answer. I could tell I’m a documentary photographer. I could also tell I’m a storyteller. Or simply a wedding photographer. But I don’t like to categorise or classify things in life and I believe the same apply to my work. Weddings are never the same, people are always different. Their culture, religion, behaviours and traditions remain unique. The way I work is adaptative to the moments I witness. Because at the end of the day, I’m just an observer. I’m simply here to interpret and tell the story of theses couples, not to impose my way. Instead of categorising myself, I like to believe my work is much more representative of who I'am and what I do.

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