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Thank you for visiting ┏ ○ My name is Toshi, the cameraman of Peco PHOTO104! I hope you can remember it as 104 (Toshi). I have taken various portraits so far. Since I was originally involved in performing arts activities, I took a profile photo, a publicity photo, an audition, a newborn photo, a family photo, a couple photo, 753, a shrine visit, an adult ceremony, a photo wedding pre-shoot, a wedding, etc. 9 I have been shooting for about a year [Equipment] Latest model SONY α7R IV (61 million pixels) Sub machine SONY α7III (24.2 million pixels) We also have the highest quality lens "GM" which is said to be expensive and difficult to buy. Therefore, we will shoot from 24mm to 135mm according to the customer. Compared to smartphone shooting (iPhone11Pro), the number of pixels is more than 5 times, and you can be satisfied not only with a very beautiful finish, but also with enlargement and printing in A4 size. Also, the advantage of having two cameras is that you can always shoot even if there is a problem such as smooth shooting, a malfunction, a dead battery, or a damaged SD card. When I'm doing this job, I meet people who I wouldn't be able to meet, and the important thing that makes me remember is the joy of shooting one page. I take about 250 shots a year just by taking a profile. If you are not accustomed to shooting, you may get lost in posing or you may not know what to do, but don't worry! Even if you can't look as usual, we will support you. In the case of outdoor photography, we take a light walk to relieve tension before taking pictures of the natural appearance and facial expressions. There is no limit to the number of cuts, and you can take more than 100 photos in about an hour, so we will hand you a nice photo selection from them. Photographs will be delivered by Gigafile mail within 3 days from the day of delivery. If you have any concerns or want to consult, please feel free to ask. Let's make nice pictures together!

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