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Aichi Shizuoka

About AXiS Photo Service NAOKO IGAMI

I have a unique career as a photographer from a tour conductor to a magazine editor, but what I can say in common is that "impression" is "impressed" and "given" work.
Through my work as a photographer, I am delighted to share the excitement with users and make photos that capture important moments a lifelong memory.
Since I was an editor, I have been shooting food, buildings, portraits, pets, snapshots, etc. in all genres such as restaurants, beauty shops, architecture, and shops.
In 2019, I became independent as a photographer and operates the business trip photo service business "AXiS Photo Service".
Newborn Photo, which is the center of the business, studied under INPA (International Newborn Photography Association) instructor.
From the anatomical physiology of newborns, I thoroughly learned how to handle it safely and photography techniques.
My specialty is mainly Newborn Photo, Family, Birthday, Shichigosan, Miyamairi, Portrait, etc.

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