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About elle pupa

We are wedding photo and movie atelier in Kyoto, Japan. Doing business trip bridal location photography and wedding ceremony and wedding reception photography.

"What is your favorite thing?
What is it to want to do?
Where do you want you to take a picture?
How do you want you to take a picture? "

Are you able to answer immediately to that question?
It is proposed in the photo shop's efficiency and rules, I think if you are not able to really want it.

So please tell me many your stories.
Let's consider about picture together.
And, please say a selfish lot.

Please let me fulfill your "selfish".

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Shooting locations

139,300 YEN (tax included)
Required time for photo shoot : 180 min
Final Photo Set : 130 photos
Shooting locations(in Japan) : Hyogo/Kyoto/Shiga
Shooting locations : Japan
Package includes :
Rental wedding dress
Rental Tuxedo
Rental Kimono for groom
Rental Kimono for bride
Rental wedding item
Hair makeup
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