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Fukuoka Saga Nagasaki Oita Kagoshima Miyazaki Kumamoto Yamaguchi


【important! Corona measures] Currently, I avoid eating out as much as possible and move by car without using public transportation. To avoid crowds, I often wipe my hands and face with a disinfectant tissue when I go out. Please be careful of everyone. I am a photography instructor who is active in Kyushu, Okinawa, Chugoku region-remote islands centering on Fukuoka, and has a bright personality and brightens the site with communication skills! The photo is a work created together with the client. Please feel free to tell us your request / image. ▼ I'm sorry for smoking. Because of bronchial asthma, if you don't have clean air, you will get sick immediately. I'm from Iki City, Nagasaki Prefecture, and my parents' family is a family of Iki beef farmers and fishermen. I love animals and children and am good at dog discipline. It's good to take pictures of communication with people, so even though I don't understand the language, I often travel abroad alone. Unfortunately, I don't drink alcohol, but I can enjoy oolong tea until morning! ▼ Possible work / photo / video shooting (image correction is also possible) ▼ Equipment used CANON 1DX3 CANON R6 CANON 5D4 (Be sure to bring these two or more to the site) CANON 600mmF4L CANON 300mmF2.8L CANON 24-105mmF4L CANON 70-200mmF2.8L CANON 105mmF2L Sigma 24mmF1.4 Sigma 50mmF1.4 Others, remote wireless strobe, business trip studio set, etc. Past achievements High school baseball 100th NHK Poster Nitricoca Cola Bottlers Japan Co., Ltd. Model talent Many shooting beverage makers Products Cosmetics Manufacturers Products TVCMs, advertising photos, and many other appealing points Our standard * Delivery guarantee (risk management, we will back up while shooting, so we will always deliver the data. In the unlikely event that the data cannot be delivered, we will refund the full amount and reshoot for free. (Or double the price) Technology is important, but humanity is also important, isn't it? Someone who is laid back, someone who doesn't keep his promise, someone who exaggerates himself. I try not to do that.

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