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出張カメラマンのY's Office

出張カメラマンのY's Office

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My name is Uhiro Yoshida and I am Y's Office, a business trip photographer. I think he has a long history of photography, about 35 years. After working as an assistant to a professional photographer, working as an in-house photographer for a regional information magazine, and taking pictures as a hobby, he made his debut as a freelance photographer in July of the first year of Reiwa. It's not just a camera, I'm going step by step while wearing two pairs of waraji. Thanks to myself, I was able to shoot the smiles of more than 100 groups from July last year! Thank you m (__) m Shichigosan Business trip shooting: 40 pairs or more Baby photo: 30 pairs or more Family photo: 20 pairs or more Visiting the palace Business trip shooting: 8 pairs Bridal shooting: 10 or more Event shooting: 10 or more Profile shooting: 10 Above menu shooting: 20 or more Thank you for leaving the smiles of many people.

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