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My name is K, a business trip photographer. Focusing on the Kanto region, I take pictures of food, bridal, architectural interiors, etc. on business trips with light footwork by train or private car. In addition to photography, I am also good at graphic design, HP production, and SEO, and I approach commercial photography from the perspective of marketing and branding. We hope that we can propose the best and highest quality cuts according to the media used. Product shooting is basically done while checking in real time on the PC screen (tether shooting). You can work while checking the finish together, such as adjusting the color and styling, so you can make detailed directions. After delivery, there is no such thing as "it was different from what I expected". After shooting with RAW data, it is carefully digitally developed and retouched if necessary. After that, we will promptly deliver it by data mail. You can also shoot and edit movies in 4k. If it's short and simple, I often shoot it as a bonus. We usually undertake corporate PR videos, youtube videos, etc.

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