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Activity History 2010 tsg Photography School Tokyo Photography Academy Professional Course Graduated 2011 tsg Photography School Tokyo Photography Academy Training Course Graduated 2010 Activities as a freelance photographer while attending school ■ Achievements from the latest (Steel) January 2020 Released Hiroshi Tamaki Calendar 2020 Released in September 2019 "Special Forces Photo Book SFPB" Yuta Ozawa Takaya Aoyagi Kunito Watanabe Special Forces Style Photobook 2018 Okinawa International Film Festival Exhibition Movie "B Battlefield" Starring Ganbareroya Yoshiko and Hayami Mokomichi Cover of still photography magazine "PEACE COMBAT": Anna Tsuchiya, Anna Minami, fighter RENA WEB B.LEAGUE Misako Yasuda model for the first time watching basketball Fuji TV Friday special drama "Variations called me" Starring: Yuki Amami I also shoot posters, magazines, and other brand events and products. ■ Shooting results (movies) 2020 A nursery school/graduation album (planning/photographing/editing) 2019 Nursery school recruit movie(photographing) 2019 Securities company recruit movie(photographing/edit)...etc Freelance photographer We are active in. In addition to magazines, he has many experiences such as events, interviews, personal profile shooting, shadows and maternity. We will do our best to work promptly and politely. Equipment Canon/EOS 5D Mark IV・Canon/EOS 5D Mark Ⅲ・Canon/EF24-70 F2.8L Ⅱ USM・Canon/EF70-200 F4L IS USM・Canon/EF100 F2.8 Macro USM・Canon/EF85mm F1.2 Ⅱ USM・Canon/EF15mm F2.8 Fisheye・Canon/Speedlite580EXⅡ・Profoto A1 AirTTL-C・Ref plate・Tripod・Softbox 90cm×2・Profoto/D1 500 Air 2 lights

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