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Masatoshi Suzuki

Masatoshi Suzuki



Ibaraki Ibaraki-ken

About Masatoshi Suzuki

▼ Correspondence area
Capital Area
▼ Special theme
People, events, sports photos
▼ Specialty industry
Portrait photography, event photography, sports photography

▼ career
Born in Mito, 1972
I started shooting people to overcome my own shyness.In the beginning, I could not give instructions to the model and sometimes made the atmosphere worse, but by starting from where I communicate my thoughts to the other person, I gradually got used to it You will overcome shyness.
He also suffered from his personality that he had to do everything himself, and repeatedly failed to take arbitrary actions on various projects.
Participants change their minds by seeing that they are active and cherish people at a certain exchange meeting, and they will do their best for themselves.
As a result, in addition to contributing to the participant's achievements, the self-improvement of self-confidence and the best result of winning in a photo contest will result in the desire to help photography with someone

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