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♡ In Japan with Love ♡ A Testimonial Campaign

A very special offer created for tourists and foreign people living in Japan.
These super discounted photo packages are for a limited time only!

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We are offering heavily discounted photo shoots anywhere in Japan for couples and families who participate in our testimonial campaign!

Here's how it works...

 First, book a couple or family photo shoot anywhere in Japan at our super discounted price (see Photo Packages). The date of your photo shoot must be no later than March 14, 2018.

 After your photo shoot we will send you a survey asking you about your experience and for you to select your 5 favorite photos.

 Your comments and photos will be used in a single testimonial blog post on our website. You can see examples of previous testimonials here and here. (Names are changed for privacy where requested.)

This very special campaign ends on March 14, 2017.

Bookings must be confirmed by this date.


You will receive high-resolution data for ALL PHOTOS!*

Campaign runs from 14 February 2017 - 14 March 2017 or until fully booked

 1 Hour Photo Shoot
     30 professionally edited photos
     Perfect for couples!
30,000 YEN

 3 Hour Photo Shoot
     100 professionally edited photos
     Great for taking photos at various locations
50,000 YEN

* High resolution digital images (appropriate for printing) of all edited photos. Please consult with your photographer for exact details.


Choose a Photo Package


Fill out the Request Form

One of our friendly staff will contact you within 2-3 business days regarding the photographers available for your selected date and location. You may also request a specific photographer by writing their name in the comments section of the booking form.

If you have a coupon code, please also write this in the comments section.




Have more questions? Check out the FAQ

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Famarry is a destination photography platform featuring talented photographers from all over the world. We specialise in engagement and pre-wedding photography but our photographers can also do holiday and family photo shoots.

We help people achieve their dream photo shoot, anywhere in the world at the best price

Testimonials by Our Customers


See more testimonials...

Famarry has hundreds of photographers located all across Japan. Below are just a few of our most recommended English speaking photographers. Let us know when and where you would like to do your photo shoot via the booking form and we will send you a list of the available photographers. You may also browse through their profiles and request your favorite photographer in the comments section of the request form.


How To Book Your Photo Shoot

Famarry’s Booking Process

1. Booking Request

First, select the package you would like and fill out the request form below with your details, desired date, and any ideas or requests you have for the photo shoot. If you have a preferred photographer, please write their name in the comments section.

★ Before you send your request, we strongly recommend discussing the photo shoot date and any other important details with your partner and/or other people participating in the shoot.

2. Consultation

After we receive your request we will contact you regarding the photographers who are available. If you have requested extra services (hair/makeup, rental attire etc) we will email you a tailor-made quote.

3. Payment

When you have come to a decision we will guide you through the payment process. We accept Paypal internationally or bank transfer from Japanese accounts.

Your booking is confirmed once payment has been made.


Once your booking is confirmed you can begin discussing the details of the photo shoot directly with your photographer. The Famarry Support Team is also available to help you with any questions you may have.

We recommend you discuss the following ahead of time with your photographer or the support team to ensure everything runs smoothly:

•          Location(s) of the photo shoot

•          Start time

•          Meeting place

•          Transport (if you are shooting at more than one location)

•          The photography style you prefer, and any particular shots you would like to take.

Depending on your request you may also need to discuss:

•          Suit / Dress / Kimono Rental

•          Hair / Makeup Artist

•          Entrance fees and permission to take photos

Please feel free to contact us if there is anything you are unsure about.

On The Day

Meet with your photographer directly at the meeting point and enjoy taking your photos!

Please make sure you leave plenty of time before the photo session to get changed and do your hair and makeup.

The edited photos are usually ready for download between 2 - 4 weeks after the photo shoot.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Testimonial Campaign

Q. I don’t want my photos in a blog post.

A. That’s okay. Please have a look at our other campaigns, or contact us directly with your budget and the type of photo shoot you would like.

Q. I’m Japanese, can I participate in this campaign?

A. Sure!

Bookings, Payment and Cancellations

Q. What happens after I send a request?

A. One of our friendly staff will contact you within 2-3 business days regarding the photographers available for your selected date and location. 

After your booking is confirmed you can start directly chatting with your photographer.

Q. What if there’s no photographer in my area?

A. If there is no photographer in your requested location, we can arrange a photographer from a nearby area. We will let you know if an additional fee is required to cover their transport.

Q. What payments do you accept?

A. We accept payment via PayPal. However, if you have a Japanese bank account we can also accept payment via bank transfer.

Q. Can I reschedule or cancel my photo shoot?

A. We recommend customers try to reschedule their photo shoot instead of cancelling. Please check with your photographer if you would like to change the date of your photo shoot.

If rescheduling is not possible, our cancellation fees are as follows:

1)        1 month or more before the photo shoot:

           You will be refunded up to 50% of the booking amount.

2)        2 – 30 days before the photo shoot:

           You will be refunded up to 30% of the booking amount.

3)        1 day before or on the day of the photo shoot:

           No refund.

Q. What if there is bad weather?

A. If you are having an outdoor shoot and there is bad weather on the horizon, please get in touch with your photographer or the Famarry Support Team and we will organise for it to be rescheduled. Please contact us no later than 3 days before your scheduled photo session.

About Our Service

Q. Do you provide hair / makeup stylists or rental attire?

A. Yes, the Famarry Support Team can offer recommendations on rental attire (wedding dresses, suits, kimono), hair stylists, and makeup artists. Please contact us for a quote.

Q. Where should I have my pictures taken?

A. Once you have decided on an area of Japan in which to take your photos (ie. Tokyo, Kyoto, Hokkaido), your photographer and the Famarry support team will be happy to suggest popular photo locations.

Q. Do the photographers speak English?

A. Yes, many of our photographers speak English or are bilingual/trilingual. Our team will recommend English-speaking photographers to requests we receive in English.

If you do not require an English speaking photographer, or would prefer a photographer who speaks another language, please let us know in the comments section.

Q. When how do I receive my photos?

A. High-resolution photos of your shoot will be available to download in approximately 2-4 weeks after your photo shoot.

Request Form

Please write the names of the people participating in the photo shoot.