elle pupa
Photo by elle pupa







1.前撮りムービープラン(ELLE PUPA)

175,000円(ELLE PUPA)/120,000円(キノシタ ユウジ)

50,000円(キノシタ ユウジ)



Famarryモニター価格  79,000円  

  • 出張撮影  ※関西エリアになります。出張費は交通費実費頂きます
  • 編集費込み
  • ご希望の日程をご記入の上、お申し込みください。
  • その他追加料金に関しては要相談となります


Famarryモニター価格  175,000円 

  • 挙式披露宴出張撮影  ※関西エリアになります。出張費は交通費実費頂きます
  • ダイジェスト版編集費込み
  • ご希望の日程をご記入の上、お申し込みください。
  • その他追加料金に関しては要相談となります

キノシタ ユウジ
Famarryモニター価格  120,000円 

  • 挙式披露宴出張撮影  ※関東エリアになります。出張費は交通費実費頂きます
  • ダイジェスト版編集費込み
  • ご希望の日程をご記入の上、お申し込みください。
  • その他追加料金に関しては要相談となります


キノシタ ユウジ
Famarryモニター価格  50,000円 

  • 二次会撮影2時間  ※関東エリアになります。出張費は交通費実費頂きます
  • ダイジェスト版編集費込み
  • ご希望の日程をご記入の上、お申し込みください。
  • その他追加料金に関しては要相談となります

How To Book Your Photo Shoot


First, select the package and photographer you would like and fill out the request form below with your details, desired date, and any ideas or requests you have for the photo shoot.

Before you send your request, we strongly recommend discussing the photo shoot date and any other important details with your partner and/or other people participating in the shoot.
Booking Confirmation

After we receive your request we will contact you with the photographers who are available and a tailor-made quote for a package that best fit your requirements. When you have come to a decision we will guide you through the payment process.

Your booking is confirmed once payment has been made.


Once your booking is confirmed you can begin discussing the details of the photo shoot directly with your photographer. The Famarry Support Team is also available to help you with any questions you may have.

We recommend you discuss the following ahead of time with your photographer or the support team to ensure everything runs smoothly:
  • Location(s) of the photo shoot
  • Start time
  • Meeting place
  • Transport (if you are shooting at more than one location)
  • Suit / Dress / Kimono Rental
    Hair / Makeup Artist
    Accessories / Props
  • The photography style you prefer, and any particular shots you would like to take.

Depending on the location of your photo shoot, you may also need to confirm the following:
  • Entrance fees
    Permission to take photos
Please feel free to contact us if there is anything you are unsure about.
The Days Before
Rescheduling in the event of bad weather...
If you are having an outdoor shoot and there is bad weather on the horizon, please get in touch with your photographer or the Famarry Support Team and we will organise for it to be rescheduled. Please contact us no later than 3 days before your scheduled photo session.
Entrance fees and photography permission...
You may need to pay an entrance fee or get permission to take photos in some places. Please make sure to confirm this beforehand with your photographer. If you are unsure then please let us know and we will assist you.
Hair / Makeup and Attire...
Hair / Makeup and Attire...
On The Day
Meet with your photographer directly at the meeting point and enjoy taking your photos!

The edited photos are usually ready for download between 2 weeks to 1 month after the shoot. Please let us know if you have any special requests.

Request Form

Please write the names of the people participating in the photo shoot.

We endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 2-3 business days. If you do not hear from us, please check your spam folder and make sure to allow emails from "famarry.com".