Pre Wedding in Bavaria

Are you considering a destination wedding, pre wedding photo shoot, or honeymoon shoot in Germany? Then a trip to Bavaria is a wonderful choice. Germany's charming, natural scenery will provide amazing photography.
(Thank you Birgit Roschach for providing the wonderful photos and information!)

Bavaria has many things to do, scenery to see, and foods to eat. And within all of that, you can capture the most beautiful pre wedding photos, as Nowen and Kent did.

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Photoshoot in Bavaria

Prewedding Bavarian Photo Shoot in Wedding Dress with King Louis II of Bavaria's Castle

The couple takes a photo with the fairy-tale castle of King Louis II of Bavaria... which is the inspiration for Walt Disney’s famous castle!

Prewedding Photo at Eibsee Lake

Eibsee Lake, a beautiful area for wonderful evening scenery. The clean waters give a pure reflection of the golden sun.

Prewedding Couple with a Chapel in Bavaria

The architecture is amazing as well, coupled with a majestic mountainous background.

Lake Photo in Wedding Dress, posing elegantly by looking up toward the sky

Beautiful pre wedding photo of couple in the woods. Looks like a Disney movie!

And with Makeup, Hair, Flowers, and Clothing all provided by a local photographer, all you need to do is enjoy yourself.

Areas in Bavaria

King Louis II of Bavaria's Castle

King Louis II Bavaria Castle with mountains and forest in the background A Fairy-Tale Castle that served as the raw model for Disney's Castle.

Lake Eibsee

Lake Eibsee with a huge mountainous range and beautiful greenery. One of the lakes nearby King Louis II's Castle. Lake Eibsee is about 1 hour from the castle. It is possible to make an after-wedding shooting there as well. This lake is a fantastic location with its green waters.

The City of Munich 

Munich center with winter decorations, snow, and warm lights. A wonderful Bavarian city, with local & international restaurants, shopping, and culture. Oktoberfest is also a great festival to attend every September.

Christmastime in Munich

Horse carriage being drawn during the winter. A snowy wonderland. Christmas-time in Germany is a beautiful traditional event. It's a magical time for honeymoon photos. Enchanted by thousands of lights and Christmas decoration everywhere... with the smell of traditional German gingerbread wafting in the air.

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