Trendy Tokyo Photo Shoot

As if out of a fashion magazine, this couple decided to have a fashionable after wedding photo shoot that had a more mature and cool style. In this article, we follow Mayu and her partner on their photo shoot experience with Ayako Photography in the Marunouchi area.

Why Marunouchi 

Mayu: Both our pre wedding photo session and wedding ceremony were held in Kansai so I really wanted to do a photo shoot in Tokyo as well. I thought this would be a great opportunity to take different photos to the ones we took in Kansai.

couple crossing street photo by Ayako Photography
crossing the street photo by Ayako Photography
Marunouchi Photo by Ayako Photography
couple together photo by Ayako Photography

Mayu's Schedule up until the Photo Shoot

I was so happy to be chosen for Famarry's campaign! I was a bit worried because the photo shoot would be in the winter but thanks to a lot of heat packs, it was ok haha! I was also glad that there weren't too many people around at the time. We had a lot of time leading up to the photo session so I was able to take my time finding a dress and organising my hair & make up.

Late July

Marriage ceremony in Kansai

Mid September

Applied for Famarry's special campaign.

OctoberGot chosen for the campaign and decided on an after wedding shoot in Tokyo.
We were deciding between Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, and Tokyo Station area, in the end, we chose the Tokyo Station area in Marunouchi.

After deciding on our location, we took a look at Famarry's site to browse through the photographers that were in the area. We really liked Ayako Photography's photos and asked the Famarry team put us in touch with her.
End of October 
Started looking for a dress and hair & makeup stylists.
Found a beautiful dress via THE DRESS ROOM and made a reservation.

Early November
Ordered a bouquet from a florist.
Hoping for a more mature look, chose a simple ponytail hairstyle at bottoms渋谷.

November 22Day of the photo shoot. It was a weekday at night and there was great weather.
The photo shoot was from 4:30pm ~ 6:30 pm.

Our Favorite Shots:

Our decorated and framed

Our decorated and framed "family rules". These are rules we have thought of together and promise to uphold. We really like the way the rules had turned out so we wanted a picture with them. 

In front of Tiffany & Co. Photo by Ayako Photography

It was a huge must for Mayu to have this shot as it was the store where her ring was purchased.

Mayu: I didn't need to go in to much detail when talking to the photographer. I just said I wanted the shoot to include night shots, Tokyo Station and to a photo in front of Tiffany & Co.

The kiss photo! Photo by Ayako Photography

Mayu: I felt a bit shy about taking kissing photos when we did our pre wedding and reception photo shoots. However, our photographer Ayako just said it so naturally "ok, now kiss!" haha! I still felt a bit embarrassed but I always wanted a photo like this so it's a great memory ♡

Candid Starbucks photo by Ayako Photography

Adding the red cup — the photo shoot was in the beginning of winter, around the time Starbucks introduces their famous winter edition cups. Used as a prop for the photo shoot, the photo looks like it belongs in a magazine!

Secret shot of two lovers — Photo by Ayako photography

Just between you and me — we didn't even know Ayako had taken this photo until we received all the data! It's a nice photo that shows a nonchalant, happy couple.  

beautiful couple photo by Ayako Photography

A loving photo of the happy couple

A word of advice to future brides:

Mayu: I think everyone thinks "It would've been great if we did this!..." or has things that they wish they did but couldn't. An after wedding photo shoot provides a great opportunity to get exactly those shots!  

Photo shoot location
(Tokyo Station Area) Marunouchi, Tokyo
Ayako Photography

Photo Shoot Date: Nov 22

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